Nisha Madhulika Complete Details: At the Age of 60 Years, Total Net Worth, Youtube – Instagram Earning ?

Nisha Madhulika Income :- In today’s time, many people are earning millions and billions of rupees every month by creating videos on YouTube and Instagram, including many individuals who are of advanced age.

You may also think that older people cannot earn money from Instagram and YouTube, but this is completely wrong. In the world of YouTube, Nisha Madhulika has become popular for her recipe videos, which you must have definitely watched. Nisha Madhulika is over 60 years old today, but she earns crores of rupees with the help of YouTube.

In such cases, there are many people who want to know about Nisha Madhulika’s Net Worth, so in today’s article, we will provide you with information about Nisha Madhulika’s Income. Along with that, we will also learn about various other things about Nisha Madhulika.

Who is Nisha Madhulika?

Nisha Madhulika is a popular chef, YouTuber, and influencer in India, known throughout the country for her various food recipes on YouTube. She was born on August 25, 1959, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. At present, Nisha is 63 years old. After marriage, Nisha started assisting her husband in his business.

Why Nisha Madhulika is Very Popular ?

Let me tell you that Nisha had a passion for cooking since childhood, which is why she started a food blog at the age of 50 by learning from the internet and sharing recipes on it. While working on the recipe blog, one day her entire family inspired her to make videos on YouTube. As a result, in 2011, she started her Nisha Madhulika channel on YouTube.

Nisha Madhulika Income
Nisha Madhulika Income

Nisha Madhulika’s cooking videos on YouTube have received a lot of love from people, which has helped her reach 100,000 subscribers on her channel within a few years. Currently, she has over 14 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. In addition to this, Nisha has also received several awards from the digital world.

Nisha Madhulika Income Net Worth ?

Nisha Madhulika has become a star in the world of YouTube, with a lot of popularity. Today, Nisha’s main earnings come from YouTube, Instagram, and brand Sponsered due to making videos. Now, if we talk about Nisha Madhulika Income Net Worth, according to reports, her net worth is approximately 3 million dollars. Nisha has accumulated all this wealth due to her YouTube channel and cooking videos.

Nisha Madhulika Youtube Earning ?

Nisha Madhulika started making cooking and recipe videos on YouTube in 2011, and currently, she has approximately 14 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Each of her videos receives millions/billions of views today. Now, if we talk about Nisha Madhulika’s YouTube Income, she earns approximately 4 to 5 lakh rupees per month with the help of YouTube. Similarly, Nisha charges around 5 to 6 lakh rupees for a brand Sponsership on her YouTube channel.

Nisha Madhulika Instagram Earning ?

Instagram is a very popular social media platform today, and Nisha Madhulika is also very active on Instagram. She shares recipe and cooking videos with people through her Instagram platform using Reels. That is why she has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram today. Now, talking about Nisha Madhulika’s Instagram income, she charges approximately 500,000 to 600,000 rupees for a brand deal on Instagram.

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