WB Govt Employees News 2024: CMs New Message on Government Employee Holiday and DA ?

Today, through this post, WB Govt Employees News 2024 – we will discuss in detail about this new holiday for government employees. It has been announced that when there will be a holiday, there will be a holiday of two to three days at a time. But you will know all the information if you read the whole report.

WB Govt Employees News 2024

Update on Government Holidays in West Bengal :- In a meeting with our state chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, she updated the state government employees regarding the holiday. Government employees are given a Christmas holiday every year in the state. Also, on the festival day of Matua Thakur, a holiday is given to government employees. Also, on the occasion of Tagore Panchanan Varma’s birthday, all the employees are given a holiday in the state. Not only that, two days of holiday are given in the state on the occasion of Eid. And these holidays are included in the list of holidays issued by the government.

WB Govt Employees News 2024
WB Govt Employees News 2024

Also, holidays are declared in the state on the occasion of Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday, and tribals are given holidays in the state on the occasion of Karam Puja. In other words, in the context of these, it can be seen that a total of two to three days of leave can be given in the month of February.

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What did the Chief Minister say about the DA?

WB Govt Employees News 2024:- Our Chief Minister today told the state government employees that all employees are given 4% DA per year. He also said that, by order of the Chief Minister of our state, the salary of state government employees has been increased by creating a separate pay commission.

The Chief Minister of the state also said that government employees in the state are provided health coverage throughout their lives. Besides, West Bengal is a state where if a state government employee retires, the pension starts from the date of retirement.

Besides, various government employees of the state are protesting day after day and month after month in Kolkata in the hope of getting their due DA. That is, here there is a 36% difference between the DA of the state government and the central government. Our state of West Bengal is the least compared to the rate at which dearness allowance is paid by the center to its employees.

What days will there be holidays in February ?

To (WB Govt Employees News 2024) inform all government employees, there are a total of four holidays in this month of February, these holidays are on Sundays. That is, the 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th are Sundays as holidays. Apart from this, Saturday is a holiday in various offices. And this holiday will be on February 3, 10, 17, and 24. The office holiday will be given on Saturday on these dates.

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Now let’s know the details about (WB Govt Employees News 2024) other holidays. As we all know, Saraswati Puja is coming on February 14th, so February 13th–14th will be two consecutive days off. All educational institutions will be closed on this day, i.e., Saraswati Puja will be performed in various educational institutions, but no classes will be held. Also on this 14th, i.e., Saraswati Puja Day, another holiday has come, which is the birthday of Tagore Panchanan Varma. Since these two holidays fall at the same time, there will not be two separate ones.

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