WB Yoggoshree Prakalpa 2024: Online Registration, ST/SC Students Benefits, Eligibility Criteria ?

Mamata Banerjee is the Chief Minister of our state. She started new WB Yoggoshree Prakalpa 2024 every few days thinking about the students. Information about a new Prakalpa has already been received by the state government. She said that another new Prakalpa is going to be launched in the state within a few days. All students can benefit through this WB Yoggoshree Prakalpa 2024.

WB Yoggoshree Prakalpa 2024

Chief Minister announced a new Prakalpa. Whose name is Yoggoshree Prakalpa. This Yoggoshree Prakalpa has been launched to qualify the students of scheduled castes and tribal communities of the state absolutely free from government jobs through training for various courses like JEE, NEET, WB JEE etc.

CM Jago Yojana 2024

The Chief Minister wants that the students of Scheduled Tribes and Tribal communities in his state should not be left behind in any way. So, thinking about the SC/ST students of the state, the Chief Minister of our state has announced this WB Yoggoshree Prakalpa 2024.

Yoggoshree Prakalpa Highlight

Scheme NameYegheshree Project
Launched byMamata Banerjee
FacilitateGovernment exams and training for various courses
Various CoursesWB JEE, NEET, JEE
BenefitSC/ST students

WB Yoggoshree Prakalpa Training ?

Since the Chief Minister of our state has announced the launch of a new Prakalpa keeping in mind Scheduled Caste and Tribal students. Hence students belonging to all scheduled tribes and tribal communities will get this facility.

That is, under this WB Yoggoshree Prakalpa 2024, students of all scheduled castes and tribal communities can prepare for various government jobs and take training for major exams like JEE, NEET, WB JEE. They can pursue their higher education. Speaking about this Prakalpa, the Chief Minister said that a total of 46 centers will be set up, two each in each district for the training of the Scheduled Caste and Tribal (ie SC/ST) students.

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Eligibility Criteria ?

The Chief Minister of our state said that already scheduled caste and tribal students are lagging far behind in terms of education. Therefore, thinking about them, this Yoggashree Scheme was launched for all scheduled caste and tribal students of the state. Only SC/ST category students can avail this scheme.

Yoggoshree Prakalpa Benefits 2024

The Chief Minister of our state has already announced that a new Prakalpa called Yoggashree Scheme will be launched. He announced that in the last two years, out of total twenty thousand 880 students, 2254 were enrolled in technical courses, 8 in IIT, 14 in NIT, 34 in MBBS.

Also, not only admission in these various courses here, all Scheduled Caste and Tribal students from all over the state will be trained for government jobs like Railway, Post Office, Banking Sector, various Group D Exams, State Police etc. Exams. Under this Yoggoshree Prakalpa they will have 300 hours plus 6 months course, 4 hour classes three days a week.

Krishak Bandhu Prokolpo

Online Registration 2024 ?

We inform you that already Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has only informed about this WB Yoggoshree Prakalpa 2024 but its application process has not started yet. Its application will probably start from February March so all scheduled caste and tribal students have to wait for some time. As soon as this Yoggoshree Prakalpa application starts we will inform you through this post.

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